We Don’t Talk Climate, 

We Stabilize It


March 19, 2020 10:00 AM PST

Jeffery Carey, CAO

Alliance of Nations


With over 1,000,000 hits on our websites, we are often asked (and criticized) on why the Climate Protection Consortium or the Alliance of Nations do not engage in official climate talks or meetings (like the COP 24 and the UN).  Why don’t we submit our climate plans for approval? Every time our response is always the same:


“Absolutely Not!”


Why?  We are an independent environmental stewardship fostering climate stabilization innovations.  We know how big the climate problem is. But, we also know what the problem is and how to solve it.  And, it’s not necessarily through technology.  Scurrying about the globe, compromising our sound stewardship strategy to satisfy the whims of 194 governments, big-business and the skeptics is the problem.

“The Consortium Concept” is an optimized climate stabilization strategy built on strong Fundamental Moral Imperatives encompassing basic human values, and Continuity of Humanity Priorities consistent with a sound outlook for society.  We will not compromise humanity’s best interests and chances for an optimistic outcome to the implied needs and requirements of an individeal, organization, nation or special interest concern. We have already “been there and done that” deep within the bowels of big governments and the private sector.

Submitting our strategy and promoting it for approval

is a serious waste of our time, and the public’s attention.  

Our job is simple; eventually, we will assume the world’s climate stabilization responsibilities and foster climate technology solutions with the full authority and backing of the world’s people, it’s governments and the private sector.


The Founder, Mr. Jeffrey Carey is a non partisan, social strategist and researcher.  Currently the Pro-Tem CAO of The Alliance, Mr. Carey holds 10+ US patents in electro-chemistry in renewable energy relating to climate stabilization solutions. As a R&D CEO and principal researcher, he led his small team with very little resources through 15 years of research and development of novel renewable energy science and technology, tirelessly maximizing an outcome for civilization.