This blog outlines business notes and mission progress for The Alliance of Nations.


  • 9/24/2021 – The Alliance of Nations submits the testimony of its sponsored innovator, Jeffrey Carey to the United States House Committee on Oversight & Reform’s expanded inquiry into Climate Disinformation by Oil Giants.
  • 7/22/21 – The Climate Protection Consortium Launches Marine Power Products “AID” Pilot Testing Program The Alliance is assisting CPC to find potential pilot testing sites in a remote and unpopulated area.  Ideal sites include various locations within an area of the southwest portion of the State of Washington.  Actually, the state claims they own most of this land and do not use most of it.   The Alliance has reached out to Governor Insley’s office three years ago but they failed to respond to either Alliance or CPC written correspondence as well as telephone inquires made to discuss their level of cooperation and support in climate reversing programs in the state.
  • AoN sends request to Japan’s PM to delay the dumping of Fukushima radioactive reactor water into the ocean.  Waiting for approval to commission AoN study to separate these materials from the water with novel technology.
  • US Governors and State Legislators Status  –  Our proposal and Formal Introduction Letter

Since sending out our Formal Introduction Letter and calling 250 U.S. state governors and legislators, here is what our response rate is and what we are currently experiencing:  98% open rate, 0.08% response, and a 0% engagement rate.

  • International Community Status

<<Currently developing.  Please check notes below>>


Current Status as of:

October 2, 2020Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland’s Response.  Does this seem obtuse?  Does Gov. Hogan even have knowledge this letter left his office?  Sure Larry, squander your state’s influence to execute a real climate plan with its part of the global authority. We hope this is paying dividends for your state. How is that secret climate reversing project going at your regulatory branch? It seems just a bit far fetched. Please send me the published results.  The whole world is watching.

October 1, 2020The Swedish Twilio Incident  updated 10/9/20

September 30, 2020 – Beginning September 3, The Alliance contacted all 50 US State Legislators (Governors, State House and Senate Leaders) to introduce the Alliance of Nations’ and its Consortium Concept.  Immediately after, we followed up with phone calls to confirm receipt.  Since sending out our introduction letters and calling 250 U.S. legislators, we currently are experiencing a 98% open rate, a 3% response, and a 0% engagement rate. We are posting the Status Call Log.