The Private Sector Engagement Program



The people of the world, and their nations, have chosen to lead a long term global environmental recovery effort. A vital part is the Private Sector.  Humanity welcomes Private Sector business and individuals as part of this effort to contribute guidance, resources and advantages which may help to achieve a long term humanitarian recovery.

Our mission depends on every aspect of society supporting our missions via their nation and state.  The Private Sector Engagement Board (PSEB) forms partnerships with individuals, business and industry leaders who want to provide form of support to The Alliance’s global stewardships and recovery missions. The PSEB elected board leaders will hold a seat on The Alliance of Nations, Board of Governors, to balance our support priorities and pledged resources.

The Alliance also encourages individuals, business leaders and organizations to engage with the PSEB Advisory Committee to assist in :

  • Forming Program Guidelines
  • Creating Priority Guidelines
  • Defining Partnership Advantages
  • Defining private sector contributions that would significantly benefit long term missions

The PSEB, with its advisory committee, would also to help define sovereignty related advantages and compensation schemes for Private Sector involvement in the forms of national, multinational or global:

  • Global Recognition
  • Tax Advantages
  • Tax and Carbon Credits
  • Business Opportunities
  • Trading Partner Products and Services
  • Lobby Activities
  • Sovereignty Opportunities Among Member Nations.

Private Sector contributions may be in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Credit Services
  • Pledged or Loaned Capital Assets
  • Use of Underutilized Infrastructure
  • Pledged or Loaned Real Property
  • Products and Services
  • Localized or Global Influence

Introduce youself, a business or organization .

Directly pledge cash or checkout “Things We Need” and pledge them to our mission.

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