Successful climate technology implementations will only be facilitated by a single agenda, not-for-profit, non governmental, and autonomous stewardship organization.  The Climate Protection Consortium is this organization.  It will be called upon to contribute specialized environmental expertise on a non partisan and non biased basis to facilitate this mission.

Your Nation is invited to participate in this process of developing consensus, strategy, and execution of this plan.

We ask that your ministry make available a legislative, technical and administrative aids to help in this development.  A series of online discussions, forums, live online events and presentations will be available.  We also suggest you make a technology/internet security specialists available to ensure trouble free sessions to help build out this site.

Our first order of business is to establish a self governing, independent and autonomous intergovernmental body. Your nominations for a 9 member Board of Governors Panel would be valuable.

We will also begin moving forward to fund technologies with member nation pledges in the following ways:

    • Extend Influence to support the mission.
    • Exercise and extend sovereignty power to defend and protect the mission.
    • Allow the use of a nation’s assets, infrastructure and government services.
    • Allow sovereignty site designations for innovation project protection.
    • Offer cash and credit resources.
    • Pledge assurances of long term commitment to the mission.
    • Exercise diligence for the separation of bureaucracy and special interest influence.
    • Exercise enforcement and prosecution of environmental violators.


Please contact our Chief Administrative Officer, Jeffrey Carey at (+1) 509 397-7008 (in English) or email at [email protected] (in any language) to express your interest. We are available to present our agenda/concept to your government.