Dear Honorable Sovereignty Leadership: 

My name is Jeffrey Carey. I am the Chief Administrative Officer for the Alliance of Nations (The Alliance).

No longer can governments predictably plan out their fiscal budgets 20 years in advance.  With extreme climate changes on the horizon, major risks to our institutional infrastructure is ahead.  An increasing number of institutions are now required to self-insure disaster relief costs for natural and man-made infrastructure losses.   This leaves governments more insecure and vulnerable.

It will be challenging for society to reorganize our institutions to develop global technology infrastructures (about 10 times the magnitude of the Apollo Space Program) necessary to restore the environment. With projected costs estimated to be $1–5 trillion US dollars, the actual costs under our plan would only be about 5% of those estimates.

Today, environmental technology exists that can begin stabilizing the environment’s climate and it has been already invented and patented. The only problem — society needs a single agenda, independent, international support institution with the resources and authority of our government institutions to carry out this implementation.

The Alliance is proposal for a self governing organization to fund a global environmental stewardship, The Climate Protection Consortium (The Consortium). This is stewardship independently executes environmental tasks on behalf of the world’s people through our institutions without changing your national agendas.

We propose to acquaint the world’s people and their nations with this new way of engaging environmental solutions to stabilize and ensure the continuity of humanity. We believe that “The Consortium Concept“ may be a sound public and institutionally accepted way to deliver environmental stewardship and technologies to mitigate disaster relief costs to infrastructure and save lives.

Working from the assumptions that no single nation can restore the environment, we no longer need to commit to a all-or-nothing approach requiring a single leading nation’s willingness, resources or will to begin the process.  Further, the assumption is that everything needed is already owned.  This allows the world to gather all necessary resources and services without fiat currency burdens, eliminating outside capital burdens, influence and interference.  With these challenges out of the way, what is ahead for humanity are immense challenges, also bigger benefits and savings.  These benefits would be distributed over many nations and industries.

The Alliance of Nations and The Consortium’s stewardship mission plugs into the world’s government institutions, but does not change national agendas or shrink world economies. Instead, it shifts industrial priorities, boosts world economies and employment while protecting the Red Zones of Humanity.

We want to engage your country to lead the world’s efforts towards real climate mitigation. We would also like to invite you to further discuss guiding the Alliance as its charter member or on its Board of Governors. These roles entrust the engagement of the world’s nations to optimize the greatest challenge to humanity, unifying our people and achieving a better tomorrow.

If you would like to further discuss our proposal, please contact me by submitting your contact information or email me at or [email protected]  I will respond as soon as possible.


Jeffrey Carey