Mr. Jeffrey CareyMr. Carey is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Alliance of Nations. His duties include educating the world leaders, business, and industry titans about the potential to profitably and quickly reverse global warming and stabilize climates.  He works to find common international interests which could protect the continuity of government of nations and states from the effects of global warming.  His primary work is focused on recruitment to the Consortium Concept, developing international alliances, and coordinating resource pledges of state and national support from the world’s governments.

Mr. Carey also is the principal investigator and developer of the Marine Power Products “Active Ion Displacement” or “AID” currently under incubation with our sponsored custodial stewardship, The Climate Protection Consortium.  He holds 12 US electro-chemical patents in the area of thermo-catalytic hydrolysis (heat+water to hydrogen fuel) which could enable the world’s hydrogen economy and global climate stabilization technologies.

After several years of development and efforts to deliver this technology, Mr. Carey was finally blocked from finding appropriate financing to begin a pilot testing program back in 2013.  Mr. Carey is keenly aware of the fundamental faults in our traditional institutions, business, and industry which have claimed responsibility to protect our environment and civilization from going over the edge of safety, security, and reason.