Originally proposed in January of 2019, The Consortium Concept is a developing social strategy to protect the world’s people’s interests by directing and sponsoring special Continuity of Life missions through their nation’s and state’s sovereignty without changing national agendas, politics, economies or special interest divides.

Unlike traditional market systems, our concept goes beyond fixing a price to critical continuity of life issues like climate recovery with a “Return on Investment” proposition, which adds considerable risk to humanity’s outcome.  Nor, do we use a “Cost to Benefit” analysis approach commonly used by  governments, which can sideline the greater good.

We calculate priority on the Continuity of Life, the livability of our environment, and the benefits of outcome.  We pay for these missions with mostly “things” our sponsored missions need which are already owned by the people.  This is in the form of pledges made by the people’s nations, states, and the private sector.  This reduces the total cost of mission objective success by 95% and speeds the time to a solution verses traditional financing methods.

Through the directives issued from the world’s people’s Advocates, the Alliance of Nations can sponsor critical continuity of life missions with the cooperation of their nations, the business sector and industry.  Of these mission objectives, runaway global warming is certainly the greatest to impact our future outcome. 

We currently support a bridge of protection in the gap between a currently collapsing climate and any potential future effects made by our nations to mitigate CO2 concentrations with carbon-neutral implementations, as proposed by the Paris Climate AgreementThe climate protection stewardship, The Climate Protection Consortium is currently developing climate recovery and regulating technology solutions sponsored by the Alliance.  These innovations could efficiently and cost-effectively reverse global warming by removing CO2 from the atmosphere in as little as 5 years, and stabilize of our earth’s climates. 

This mission spans over many decades in a process that aligns nations and states, international law, social ideology and policy to realize benefits far beyond our conceivable limits.


The Climate Protection Consortium stewardship ultimately protects the future of the people and the stability of their nation’s fiscal budgets by mitigating future disaster relief costs. By mitigating these events, we can limit the damage to natural and human-made infrastructures, which reduces mass immigrations and migrations, famines, floods, drought, and loss of plant and animal life.  This mitigation effort results in other opportunities including economic expansion due to stable agriculture, economies, and jobs worldwide, ultimately ensuring a smooth transition into renewable energy and a sustainable future.