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The Alliance of Nations

A Consortium Institution

Working on behalf of the world’s people, The Alliance of Nations is an intergovernmental organization supporting specialized global humanitarian mission financing through an alliance of the world’s nations, states, business, and industry.  The Alliance sponsors not-for-profit, single agenda, self-governing, continuity of life mission objectives with critical social and technology implementations. The Alliance serves to protect continuity of government objectives including; social stability, mitigation of disaster relief budgets and tax base enhancements through improved economies. In addition, we act as a clearinghouse for national and private sector pledges of sovereignty, influence, legal authority, resources, assets, and the use of infrastructure and services to facilitate critical humanitarian mission objectives.

The Consortium Institutions effectively separate all member nation’s agendas, conflicts, bureaucracy, economic and political influence, and special interest divides from our sponsored missions.  These influences often conflict with and derail responsible social processes with complex intellectual and technology development required to ensure the continuity of life. 

The Alliance is currently forming members.